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A nickname given people called Tom, but only cool people.
A mix of Tom and Timothy
Tomothy is my friend
by supahhhh July 17, 2008
A combination of two common names- Tom and Timothy. It usually describes someone who exemplifies characteristics of a smart, wealthy, or culturally illustrious being. While many take on "Tomothy" as a nickname or moniker, studies show the name is on the rise. Its usage has gone up 12% in the last decade, due to a period of social change in world culture.
I went to the store with Tomothy the other day, and he seems to be doing just swell!
by I WROTE THIS. March 04, 2011
A hybrid of "Tom" and "Dorothy", used as an amusingly derogative term to insult any man named Tom.
"What's Dame Tomothy Bumface the Turd doing in his pants while looking at that website? He's meant to be working"
by Rhianne's arse February 09, 2007

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