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A vast array of pornography and advertisements.
by Cyclone March 03, 2003
Something you can blame whenever for whatever reason out of pure frustaration; scapegoat.
Mom: "Why the hell did you break the car? Whats wrong with you, huh huh huh?"

by stephanzo November 02, 2010
A very popular WoW addon for accessing pornography.
I can play my pally AND fap thanks to this awesome internet addon
by Monstro_Z March 19, 2009
A place where absolutely nothing happens.
Man, back in the olden days, I could get upwards of three chickens, a sack of barley, and a half-dead goat all for doing one of my technology intromercials.

(Strong Bad lives on the internet.)
by JoshandClint March 26, 2008
Jack Black uses this term to describe his precious valuable work.
His rant on piracy can be found on YouTube, where he says the following:

"Look, super mega rock and roll gods and superstars are just regular dudes like you guys... we punch the clock, we put on the pants, and then we blow people's minds, it's how we make a living! ... AND THEN THESE PIRATES COME, AND THEY STEAL ALL OUR INTERNETS!"
by Internets Boy October 11, 2007
Everyone knows that the internet is a series of tubes:
'OH NOES ! Teh tubes are clogged !'.

'Internet' can also refer to an email. See example below.
I downloaded an internet this morning.
by tawlboy March 23, 2007
A term used to describe somebody who takes the internet too seriously. These kinds of people literally live in the internet, spending most of their time in front of their computers. Their lives outside the computer consists of just eating and sleeping.
That girl on MySpace is so internet.
by Neykho June 22, 2006
Someone who spends the majority of their time online.
Person 1: Look at these people E-fighting on the BBS.
Person 2: Fucking internets.
by IbeSonance April 21, 2006

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