When a fat girl sends you an e-mail from an online dating service and states you sound 'interisting' to boost her self-esteem because she messed up by pressing the wrong button, and felt awkward.
"I read your profile and you sound interisting"
by joe January 02, 2004
a word commonly used amoung schemers and con-artist everywhere when inspiration hits...
by TheNay October 12, 2003
Max and Hannah, the two coolest people ever to walk the world.
Max and Hannah are soooo interesting
by Maxizzlewizzle March 19, 2005
Interesting; A word commonly used to define the mapping skills of PS_Mouse of the NS Community.

Renowned for maps with sound effects so loud you mute the speakers just to get back to merely deaf, and gamma so bright you're tempted to install solar cells in front of your monitor to power your neighbourhood.

See also : Painful, insane, Frankenstein.
"Did you play ns_hydrosity? That's some interesting gamma right there."
by Shockwave August 17, 2004
A word used by a polite, experienced art teacher while they are observing a students sub par, dull artwork which evokes nothing but disappointment within the teacher towards said student.
Student: "Hey Ms. How is my painting going?"
* Teacher observes the painting, hiding their cringe *
"It's very... Interesting."
by Locodudeof97 October 08, 2015

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