Oh god, oh god, we're all going to die.
This landing is going to get pretty interesting.
by T. R. Harrison December 02, 2013
Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die!
Interesting as defined in "Serenity". (Had to do it ;) )
by Kazuya Darklight October 06, 2005
Something that actually provokes thought or at least, interest.
That's a really interesting design
by Penreef December 16, 2013
In normal conversations, used to express doubt, curiosity, or critique. If someone says "this is interesting", it could mean "I doubt it", "I don't understand why it doesn't work", "Is this really true?", "How strange is that?"
First, he said he will come to the party. After he got to know the host, he said he had no time and needed to work. That's interesting!
by PeterDan00 June 30, 2010
Lets say you just watvhed a movie and somebodys house , when they ask you if you liked it( but you did not) you say in-ter-es-ting you have to space it like that
How was the movie
by you dont know me November 06, 2004
What alex says every 12 minutes during a conversation to notify learning.
Kristen: so the weather is nice today Alex.

Alex; Interesting....
by K-sizzle227 March 11, 2009
said when something really ISN'T interesting (said in a serious tone)
or when you don't know what else to say in a situation (said in a serious and kind of awkward tone)
Liselle: "I ate"
Karen: "Interesting" (and rolls eyes)
by Karen WHAATT October 05, 2003

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