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when a rabbit go to lion's cage ,surely the rabbit will that way our penis rabbit go to vaginal cage of ladies (lions) other than wife(rabbits own cage) ,it is dangerous!
others life is the example for intercourse description
by sass233 April 24, 2007
22 58
the word sex ed teachers call getting laid
by splurb June 05, 2003
2743 475
a city in pennsylvania
I got a magnet that says "i love intercourse,PA!" (i really did)
by xtina June 07, 2003
1735 703
The act of shoving a penis up a vagina.
He stuck his dick in me. We had sexual intercourse.
by Marcela November 22, 2004
1104 565
The penetration of the penis into the pelvic cavity, resulting in partners being pelvis to pelvis as in the missionary position with sexual organs being totally obscured by pubic hair.

Repetitions of this procedure are referred to as 'having sex,' 'fucking,' screwing, etc.
Rick had a bad habit of cumming upon entry with one simple penetration, leaving Marsha frustrated and resorting to masturbation for release.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
997 517
Verbal communication between two people. Rarely used any longer in this sense because of the North American singular preoccupation with sex; it would evoke snickers at best, and gross misunderstanding at worst, in virtually any situation.
Our intercourse over lunch was less than pleasant, and we spent the rest of the day not speaking to each other.
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006
624 411
Stop looking up random sexual phrases and finish your English assignment. The teacher's behind you too.
How do you not know what intercourse means in the first place? Oh yeah.. you probably never experienced it.
by XileLord December 10, 2010
399 208
The meal between dinner and breakfast.
Intercourse, the best meal of the day.
by FluffyJ January 21, 2013
237 77