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13 definitions by xtina

a city in pennsylvania
I got a magnet that says "i love intercourse,PA!" (i really did)
by xtina June 07, 2003
a phrase one would use upon hearing something either stupid as shit, or just a general comeback such as "yer mom." Nah uh-ing is common in many farming regions, where vocabulary is below normal.
shauna-can i borrow your car?
by xtina May 28, 2004
The tightest city in the wholewide world and if you people have a problem with that then F*** YOU.
by Xtina September 24, 2003
She is the coolest girl in the world. Shes so awsome. She smells like a pretty flower. She is just all around an awsome person
Xtina is the coolest person.
by Xtina August 15, 2004
Similar to crackhead, minus crack. It is a person who likes to get crazy and drunk at the same time.
"Dude, your such a crunkhead"
by XTINA March 12, 2005
used to describe something that tastes good. like nummers or yummy.
mmmm this is nummerful!
by xtina April 05, 2004
Similar to cornucopia but instead of fruits and vegetables, you have various different kinds of alcohol.
"Tonite there will be a crunkacopia of gin and koolaid"
by XTINA March 12, 2005