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The video game system from the '80s that owns your ass!! Smarter than your av-er-age Atari 2600.
Dude, this Intellivision is the fucking bomb!! Burgertime 0wnz j00r a55!
by Chuck Whitby November 14, 2002
An old awesome game system. That had the best game ever made Biplanes on Triple Action.
Try out an online version of an intellivision game at at
#intellivision #biplanes #classic #triple action #atari
by mike classic biplanes July 11, 2008
A retarded system that had disc shaped control pads for coordination challenged people, and to many sports titles. At least I think it was sports, to hard to tell with the blobs moving around on the screen.
Look at that geek sitting there by him self eating lunch. I heard his parents bought him an Intellivision for Christmas instead of an Atari 2600. Bet you guys I can nail him with this cafeteria pizza from here! Food fight!
by Marty_G November 14, 2002
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