Creationism under a psuedo-scientific name. Ultimately, it is a myth developed by those who have no understanding or respect of science. People who discredit evolution are misguided at best.
Bay-oosh wants to teach intelligent design because he wants America to become a third-world theocracy/
by Name-42 December 20, 2005
Intelligent design is a fundamentally flawed theory.
It does not belong in a scientific debate because it cannot produce valid observational evidence.
It also does not belong in a philosophical debate because its only premise is that there are some slight flaws in evolution (and what scientific theory doesn't have flaws). From this premise it is impossible to show the existence of an intelligent designer.
Kansas has just become another state to teach intelligent design. When will they learn that America needs proper scientists to make the microwaves, bird flu vaccines, tactical nuclear weapons, and other modern home comforts they enjoy.
by Cillie November 11, 2005
A (not so) clever attempt by American (yes, intelligent design is a product of, and is limited almost exclusively to the United States) Christian fundamentalists at re-packaging creation "science", and trying to sneak it into public schools by making it appear (at least to their desperate selves) as strict science. They call it the "Theory" of Intelligent Design, and call themselves Intelligent Design "Theorists" (or IDers).

This so-called "theory" is hard to define, since intelligent design "theorists" are very careful to keep their definitions as vague as possible, as to avoid getting thrown out of classrooms over and over again (like they have been). Here is a little run-down of some of intelligent designs' incoherent claims:

- They offer nothing more than the mere hypothesis that the universe was created by "a creator" (who him/her/itself had no creator). Who is this creator? "Duhhhh..... we don't know."

- When did this "creator" create the universe? "Duhhh...We don't know." or "We don't do there". Could be 10,000 years old or billions. They don't say. This is where the young-earth creationists get into fights with the old-earth ones.

- HOW did this creator create the universe? "Duhhhh.... we don't know." Brilliant.

- Love to claim that Evolution is "JUST A THEORY" (more on that later)

- Launch a variety of attacks on evolution, and believe that by pointing out "errors" in the evolutionary theory, it must mean GOD DID IT by DEFAULT.

- Misinterpret and misunderstand science and try to use that as proof of God's existence. Make sense? (Yeah. Doesn't to me either).

- Claim that the Grand Canyon was carved out in a few days by "The Great Flood", and that all of the Earth's geographic features were carved out by said flood. (For more on this nonsense, look-up "Flood Geology")

- Claim the fossil record is either: animals who died in the "great flood", a hoax by scientists to trick the public at large, or a hoax by the devil to trick people into believing in evolution.

- Man and dinosaurs walked the earth together (the Flintstones was accurate after-all!).

And much, much, MUCH more incoherent BABBLE.

Here are a few things intelligent design "theorists" are forgetting:

- The universe began expanding about 14 billion years ago, and has been expanding ever since. Everything can be traced back to a common point. The Big Bang Theory was first proposed in 1927 by a Belgian Priest after observing the red shift in distant nebulas by astronomers to a model of the universe based on relativity. Years later, Edwin Hubble found experimental evidence to help justify this theory.

- The Earth is about 4.5 billion years old (AMPLE time for evolution, contrary to what IDers are claiming).

- The grand canyon is made up largely of shale and granite, which could not under any circumstances have been cut in a "few days" by a "great flood".

- There is an innumerable amount of transitional species in the fossil record to support evolution, along with genetic evidence.

- The word "theory", like many other words in the English language (and any other language) has MORE THAN ONE MEANING (SURPRISE). In a scientific context, it means a group of propositions for explanation for a class of phenomena. "Gravitational Theory", "Einstein's Theory of Relativity", "Germ Theory". The word theory doesn't mean "guess". The "Theory of Evolution" explains HOW evolution happens, not WHETHER it does.

Of course, to anybody willing to see the scientific evidence that completely discredits ID and Creation "science" as pure pseudo-scientific religious garbage, it is obvious. So if the scientific evidence is so clear, why don't IDers see it? Because they DON'T WANT TO. Fortunately, almost everyone world-wide can see the facts, including most middle-eastern countries. However, there is a small minority of Christian fundamentalists in America who want to wipe out science and implement Biblical Law. They don't care about science. Science is just the "wedge issue". They want to destroy it. Their true agenda can be seen by reading "The Wedge Strategy" (google it). This short document, which was leaked onto the internet, clearly details their true agenda, and it ISN'T scientific knowledge. And to all you creationists and IDers out there, YOU WILL NEVER WIN.
"We have concluded that (intelligent design) is not science, and moreover that (intelligent design) cannot uncouple itself from its creationist, and thus religious, antecedents."
- Judge John Jones, Harrisburg, PA, December 20, 2005. The judge also stated:

"It is ironic that several of these individuals, who so staunchly and proudly touted their religious convictions in public, would time and again lie to cover their tracks and disguise the real purpose behind the ID Policy."
by MacDas November 21, 2007
Aside from being a laughably bad example of the word "intelligent", Intelligent Design is pretty much a joke that accidently gained belief and popularity, much like the War of the Worlds radio program from 1938.

The basic concept is that God must have created everything because sunflowers are pretty. The only "scientists" who support this theory have phony degrees and doctorates that they bought for cash from unaccredited Bible colleges , rather than taking any actual courses to earn. While it is completely disregarded by real scientists, it is creeping into classrooms. This is due to the fact that the amount of people with no understaning of scientific theory far outweigh those that do, even though it would only take an hour of reading to familiarize one's self with the basics.

All in all, Intelligent Design is the final nail in the coffin of our already dying public education system. It is sure to make future generations regard everyone in our time as slack-jawed morons.
Cletus: "Gawly, I gots 5 F's on my report card again? What ever will I do?"

Christian Literalist Retard: "Not to worry Cletus! Me and my cronies just got Intelligent Design added to every one of your classes! Now you can just write 'Because God did it' on all your test answers, and pass with flying colors!"

Cletus: "Hooray! I'm gonna be President!"
by Monster of Maple Street December 14, 2006
Advocated by the Christian right, a "scientific" theory proposing that the gaps in the darwinian theory of evolution can only be explained by the existance of a supreme being, and thus should be taught in public schools.

complete bullshit.
"The school board voted on intelligent design."
by Hannahhh January 07, 2006
Psuedo-Scientific name for the term, "creationism", describing an unfound speculation that God created life on Earth as it exists today. Proponents believe life is too complex to have evolved, even given hundreds of millions of years.

The only people who support Intelligent Design are the deeply religious and crackpot "scientists" with fake, store-bought doctorates from unaccredited Christian colleges.

Despite being rejected in the science community for over 200 years, many christians insist on having creationism taught in our public schools.

Intelligent Design is not science, nor should it be respected as such. Its a children's fable, not unlike saying babies come from the stork.
Kent Hovind, the most well-known "righteous" Christian proponent of Intelligent Design is currently serving 10 years in prison for tax evasion.
by logylogylogy October 16, 2007
When the world's worst scientists and academics come together, because they have given up on what they do, and try to explain our existence through the use of magic, excrement, and poorly written books. See also Creationism, Mississipi, ignorant fuck, and giving up.
Philip: The science shit is too hard, we should make it easier.
Mike: Do you believe in magic?
Philip: Sure.
Mike: Cool...that was easy...but we should call it Intelligent Design.
Philip: Let's male-space-dock.
Mike: Ok, I love your balls.
by Veritas Eruditio December 12, 2006
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