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2 definitions by Hannahhh

Advocated by the Christian right, a "scientific" theory proposing that the gaps in the darwinian theory of evolution can only be explained by the existance of a supreme being, and thus should be taught in public schools.

complete bullshit.
"The school board voted on intelligent design."
by Hannahhh January 07, 2006
bland, generic lyrics aimed to brainwash youth partnered with equally bland tunes and instrumentals. it is successful only because the record executives and right wing christian leaders saw that they had enough bible-humping teenagers to make a fat profit off of.
NO ONE, and i mean NO ONE with good music taste, regardless of their religious persuasion, will be caught dead listening to christian rock, or christian music of any kind for that matter.
because, you just cant make "oh jesus, my lord and saviour, my one and only, thank you" into a good song.
it just wont happen.
cool kid: whatre you listening to?

lame wannabe christian kid: its Thank you Lord, the latest CD from God Rules, this amazing christian rock band. its really good, theyre so talented.

cool kid: go fuck yourself.

lame wannabe christian kid: its because i'm a christian, isnt it?!?

cool kid: no, its because youre an idiot. bye.
by Hannahhh January 11, 2006