i would not, should not, could not, shall not, i'd rather not, i will not, i am not, i cannot,
i'nt goin to the club tonite
by Mihael Keehl December 05, 2007
Abbreviation of Integer, most commonly used in programming languages.
Alsoe an acronym for "Insanely Nested Tables" a sub-language of HTML involving nesting large amounts of tables inside each other to create a complicated page layout.
function countEnts() {
return CINT(uiEntCount);
by NewName August 27, 2004
Abbreviation for Interception in American Football.
Brett Favre throws another INT for the.... what team is he on now?
by Broseph123124 January 11, 2010
- The sound that a game show wrong answer buzzer makes.

- A response to somebody that says something stupid
- No
- A stupid person or someone annoying
- A stress reliever

NOTE : int CAN be integrated into someones name

EXAMPLE : Danielle = Danint, Kristin = Krint, Brittany = Brint, Jamie = Jamint, Melissa = Melint
Example 1:
Danielle : SHEN I dont have DBS right?
Sheni: INT

Example 2:
Garbear: Hey wanna hang out?
Sheni: INT

Example 3:
Ugly Bitch: You know if I wanted I could win Miss America.
Sheni: INT

Example 4:
Boss: Hey can you come into work today?
Sheni: INT

Example 5:
Stupid Person: Im so much better looking then Sheni
by Sheni3 August 11, 2012
int: isnt and not. basically used when you wanna short up all your words, pretty much.
"oh my gawd i cant believe she int dating him yet!"

"that int my muttin"
by Jayuah November 07, 2006
you belong to gay men's int.
by fuck nigger June 28, 2003
ya, we downloaded it off the int.
by ryan August 19, 2002

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