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The ghey fgt to end all ghey fgts.
Ai kawaii kthxbai! Int j00 fgt!
by int November 24, 2003
The be all and end all of all there is
I am int aka, I am "The be all and end all of all there is"
by int November 12, 2003
Brand of chocolate bar popular in St. Lucia; similar to an "Oh Henry" bar.
This Nuggle is awesome!
by Int November 30, 2004
A sweet football team. Fuck you if u dont like them, Ed Reed is my boy!
The Ravens defense crushed yet another drive.
by Int February 01, 2005
Horny Little Spic, nickname i made up for my 1/2 Mexican friend Josh, he thinks its funny.
Josh, ur such an HLS!
by Int February 01, 2005
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