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1 a woman who gives you a boner instantly
2 the act of getting a boner instantly
1 "Damn look at that chick she is such an instaboner"
2 " I just got an the biggest instaboner"
by Zmoney November 28, 2005
A boner that is aquired instantly
When Dylan saw that picture of a naked man, he got an "insta-boner"
by Alex M October 30, 2006
Something/someone/ some action so intensely attractive the viewer immediately has an erection.
dude, when i saw that picture i got a mega Insta-boner
by uhohspgettioh March 11, 2009

When a male's penis gets erected extremely fast, almost instantly.
When Jennifer Aniston offered me a blowjob I got an instaboner.
by marcus ownz biatch May 14, 2007
A stiffy obtained merely from seeing a bangin chick.
Phil: "Dude, Denise gave me such an insta-boner last night!"
Connor: "Dude thats my mom!"
by Aakash P December 21, 2011
Contraction of the words Instant and Boner.

When you see something that makes your penis go from zero to sixty in only a couple seconds; extreme, instant arousal.
John: "Did you see Jennifer Lawrence dancing in Silver Linings Playbook...?"

Sam: "No, was it hot?"

John: "Something I like to call, Instaboner"
by Jack Salot December 29, 2013
Something EXTREMELY that gives guys boners the second they see it.
"We're so hot, we're totally insta-boners."

"Dude, have you seen Taylor? She's a total insta-boner."
by dianaandsavvy November 29, 2012