What I was before I found out about Urbandictonary.
I used to think a Boston pancake was a pancake from Boston... R.I.P innocent me.
by I don't believe in humans January 06, 2014
someone who does no wrong !!!!
SilverSurfer is so innocent
by SilverSurfer March 17, 2005
An innocent person is someone who won't do anything wrong. Someone who won't cheat on you. Someone who won't steal your car keys if you drop them on the floor. Someone who won't degrade others to feel good about oneself.

The epitome of innocence is the human infant. Infants smile frequently, thus making them appear more friendly. They have big round eyes, making them look innocent. And they always cry when another insults them, blames them, or accuses them of a wrong.

In general, traits generally associated with innocence include:

- Large, round eyes
- Youthful facial features (including small nose, small cheekbones, lack of a brow ridge, and round face)
- Crying in face of danger or the risk of danger
- Niceness to others
- Conflict avoidance

As a general rule, children appear more innocent than adults. Children are smaller, have larger eyes, and cry more than adults. Children are thus more innocent.

This rule also applies to men and women. Women, in general, are smaller, have rounder eyes, and have more youthful faces than men. Women are thus more innocent than men.

A lot of people act innocent, when they're actually not. For example, they will behave "nice" to others but then will gossip behind their backs. This is because they don't have the guts to be direct and honest. Innocence, therefore, may be a cowardice.

Also, many people won't break any rules, not because they are good people, but don't have the guts to risk getting in trouble.
Aww, that girl's smile is soooo innocent! I wanna talk to her. (But then she gossips about you behind your back.)
by MasculinePower December 03, 2010
What a baby is even if he/she breaks a window.
"Susan, you should not have let your baby brother play with your boomerang. He almost hurt himself when he threw it at the window and it." (Innocent)
by Cheeky Smiles April 13, 2011
Someone who has done nothing wrong in certain situations.
You are INNOCENT until proven guilty in a COURT OF LAW. And you are given a right to a FAIR trial.
by railerswim August 20, 2014
Adorable and an angel
by not long January 14, 2013
can do no wrong !!!!
silversurfer is so innocent !!!
by SilverSurfer March 17, 2005
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