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small(where it counts)
he had an 'innes', it was so cute.
by maximus December 15, 2003
34 87
Someone who has a fairly large penis but never boasts about it.
"Damn, Peter stop being an innes and admit how big it is"
by John Kidd April 09, 2007
106 27
A large penis weilding scotsman. they had to be large to hold heat while wearing a kilt in the scottish winter.opposite of innes(note lower case i)
girl- "that Innes really stretched me out last night"
by twisted tweaker February 01, 2007
65 23
A Scottish man with an extra long sword.
Innes unsheathed himself to me last night; it was a sight to behold
by sugartits21 February 04, 2010
43 10
A slang substitution for 'Isn't he'
"Well, he's making a right idiot out of himself, inne?"
by LouDogintheVan July 27, 2009
6 4