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4 definitions by LouDogintheVan

spanglish for water.
person 1:Can i get you somthing to drink?
person 2: Just some wagua, por favor.
by LouDogintheVan August 21, 2009
1.When a person lies about the quality of sex they're having with their partner because they love them and don't want to put them down, either to a friend or to the partner themselves.
person 1: So, you and Jess finally do it?
person 2: Yeah, last night.
person 1: And? How was it?
person 2: Fan-Tastic! Best, sex, ever.
person 1: For real? Or was that just a lover cover?
by LouDogintheVan August 21, 2009
A slang substitution for 'Isn't he'
"Well, he's making a right idiot out of himself, inne?"
by LouDogintheVan July 27, 2009
When playing tag, or another game where there is a 'base' or other type of safe zone, the person 'it' stands outside the zone, waiting for the person to leave so as to tag them.
person1: *runs into base*
person2: *stands outside base waiting for them to try to escape*
person1: Hey! No puppy-dog gaurding!
by LouDogintheVan August 25, 2009