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a redneck term for indian (the native american kind)
Billy 'moonshine' Bob: hey tha injun stoleded my wheels
by PlayDohMan May 11, 2004
A racially offensive epithet used towards Native Americans. However, Columbus was wrong, this racial slur was in fact meant for inhabitants of India and has now been recently claimed at the University of Washington.

Modern equivalent of "Nigga", except its used to refer to Indians who, thanks to Kumar, are finally in mainstream American culture.

Can be used in reference to other people who are "down with the brown". This EVEN includes white people, as long as they're tight with some Indians.
"Yo what up my injun!"
"Injun please..."
"I'm gonna have to go fuck that injun up!"
"Shame on a injun"
by Samir Patel January 31, 2005
n. derogatory term for a native american.
Let's play cowboys and injuns.
by fizzle April 05, 2004
A casual American or Canadian corruption of the term "Indian", referring to Native Americans. The earliest Europeans thought they had landed in India and applied "Indian" to the indigenous population. "Injun" more commonly heard during a period when the term "Indian" was used, often pronounced in later years only by children. Not typically meant as derogatory, as American "Indians" came to be admired during the latter period of common usage. Rarely used today, if so used in a typically light-hearted if politically-incorrect fashion. Can be derogatory given intent and inflection.
Uh-oh, we are entering Injun country!
by walkerny September 07, 2010
Racist slur toward a person of native american heritage.

See also ijin ; it's spelt this way so that it doesn't sound like it's mistaken for "engine".
"Damn injuns livin' in them teepees!"
by Dave April 06, 2004
A word used by the incredibly old fashioned from Irish descent,Mrs Scott,describing asians.
Another variation of hers is 'white robed injuns'.
"You have to be careful when buying from those injuns in the local shop,
they can rob ye,and trick ye out of money.I wasn't given 2p change once,discraceful.
Bloody Injuns!"
by End of conversation September 29, 2003
A very derogatory term used by southern whites against Native Americans. It is really a distortion of "Indian" of which many of these people are too dumb to pronounce, hence the word "injun". This word is to Native Americans as "Nigger" is to African-Americans. Also as "Honky" is to Whites. And also how "Chink" is to Asian people. All of this still goes on today. (Sarcastic Talk here> What a wonderful world!
That son of a bitch redneck called me a stinky injun, so I called him a "DEAD HONKY"
by bite me October 25, 2004