A derogative slur for Indian sometimes replaced with dirty Indian
I saw this Injun walking down the street, dirty Indian
#indian #dirty indian #red man #ingun #evaric #engine
by Dinvaren March 31, 2009
A Derogatory term used for Indians, whether the native americans or the people of the country India (Bharat).
The Injuns are are spreading all around the globe like ants.
#nigger #india #paki #coloured #asian
by kurt444 October 04, 2007
A word used by the incredibly old fashioned from Irish descent,Mrs Scott,describing asians.
Another variation of hers is 'white robed injuns'.
"You have to be careful when buying from those injuns in the local shop,
they can rob ye,and trick ye out of money.I wasn't given 2p change once,discraceful.
Bloody Injuns!"
by End of conversation September 29, 2003
a word meaning idiot or retard
That Rorry kid is quite the injun
#idiot #retard #moron #nincompoop #dumby
by fike1234 April 17, 2011
A very derogatory term used by southern whites against Native Americans. It is really a distortion of "Indian" of which many of these people are too dumb to pronounce, hence the word "injun". This word is to Native Americans as "Nigger" is to African-Americans. Also as "Honky" is to Whites. And also how "Chink" is to Asian people. All of this still goes on today. (Sarcastic Talk here> What a wonderful world!
That son of a bitch redneck called me a stinky injun, so I called him a "DEAD HONKY"
by bite me October 25, 2004
dirty little midgets who have a strange greenish complexion (usually from europe)
Look at the Injun!
by Jimmy October 10, 2003
A racially offensive term for Natives of North America.

However, as Dr. Samir Patel affirms vis-a-vis people of East Indian descent, young North American Natives have recently reclaimed the term and use it the way our Black brethren use "Nigga."
"Whazzup Injuns?"
"Yo, my Injuns, don't panic, we got plenty o' bannock."
#native #american indian #north american indian #aborigine #aboriginal
by Dr. Wei October 21, 2008
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