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is a Scandinavian name for girls. It has been carried by many prominent women in Scandinavian history and mythology. Ingeborgs are generally strong personalities with lots of will power and a great sense of humor, often spiced up with some irony. Ingeborgs also like to enjoy life and not take it too seriously, and this is why they are great to party with! They also sometimes have a bit of a dark side that may seem intimidating to people at first. As many Ingeborgs in the past have been artists, royalty, or athletes, they tend to enjoy recognition and fame. Being in the spotlight is not a problem for Ingeborgs. Finally, they often have a captivating appearance of mystical and eccentric beauty.
Ingeborg of Norway Hákonardóttir, Ingeborg

Ingeborg Eriksdottir of Norway Ingeborg Sorensen
by cretina February 04, 2010
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