Where the rose-colored lenses of the mind play their trick, filtering its perceptions to see that which it chooses to see.
In infatuation, one sees the object of their affection as they wish; in Love, one sees them as they are.
by I Tried June 20, 2013
The beginning of true passionate love. You get excited when you see and think of that person. It is a highly excited feeling, felt from the range of young teens to even adults. Getting married to the person who get infatuated over would be a gift from God.
Some people are passionate and expresses true emotion for another person they are going to be in love with. The people who say that it is not love it is deep lust are just a bunch of stupid idiots who do not know what true love is. Love is when you have strong feelings at. It has nothing to do with how well you know someone or whether the person has the same feelings back. Love all starts with Infatuation and crushes.
by usagetoutofiraq October 04, 2011
A spell with neither verbal or somatic components that is consciously or unconsciously cast by various charismatic, funny, and sexually appealing people, and instantly reduces the victim's I.Q. by 20 to 80 points. Half if they make their saving throw. The penalty applied is 18 minus the victim's wisdom.
If you feel yourself becomming infatuated, quickly leave before you do something stupid.
by Killing Kittens March 29, 2005
Infatuation is a correct definition of love at first time. Its a short-lived love that doesn't last long.
Its also what we call 'crush' in this recent times.
Eddy's love for me was just a mere infatuation
by Stan C. Nnaso May 05, 2015
InFATuation occurs when a generally fit guy hooks up with a plus-sized girl for the first time and discovers the joys of cushioned hips, naturally padded breasts, and an ass he can actually hold on to.

Caveat: This experience may lead to a more serious condition known as Chubby Chasing.
Guy's Friend: "Dude, did you seriously take that fat chick from the bar home last night?"
Guy: "Oh my god, bro-I can't even explain it, but I have a wicked case of inFATuation with her..."
by Genebeeb April 08, 2010
A reality-warping reproductive mechanism.
Infatuation results in the increase of procreation in the human population; this, in turn, fuels the profits of the birth control industry.
by Viking Zippy February 10, 2005
Two obese people caught in a compromising sexual situation.
Whoa! Talk about INFATUATION!

Those two tubs of lard have been going at it like Hippos in heat!

by danoboyblue January 12, 2008

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