Best Indie band ever: The Kings of Leon
best indie band, in the world ever: the kings of leon
by pettigo November 18, 2005
Group of bands that their band name starts out with "The". Although most of the bands starting with "The" are usually considered pop-indie, they are stil a type of indie music.
The Hives, The Killers, The Honorary Title, The Ataris, The Bravery, The Postal Service, The Hanks, and many more....
by Xander2160 June 07, 2005
Closed-minded kids who know more about obscure garage bands than who won the World Series or NCAA championship last year. These people stick to their own clichés and rarely participate in sports, work out or exercise, hang out at clubs, or listen to anything with musical talent. Indie dudes become English teachers and corrupt young minds with liberal propaganda, while indie chicks usually become art teachers b/c of their irrelevant academic concentrations. Indie kids usually are very pale as they like the emoish white skin weird clothes look.
Indie kid: "what are you listening to? it's horrible!"

Normie: "umm its the Rolling Stones"

Indie kid: "well im off to philosophy club then off to the diner to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes and discuss City of the Caterpillar’s song meanings."

Normie: "I'll be at my frat house till late"

Indie kid: "I feel uncomfortable in those places"
by Christopher Tegner August 05, 2006
crappy type of music that indie scene kids will call independent/non-mainstream music. its not mainstream because it sucks, and it usually ends up just being emo anyways.
indie sucks. id rather listen to bands that everyone knows about because theyre good. thats why everyone knows about them.
by St3vo88 December 25, 2005
Indie People Who Want To Be Emo
But Who Just Arent!
INDIE KID : emo suckks
*sighhh jealous*
by Emo.Biatcchh.Anon_____x December 14, 2005
Wannabe rock music by bands that don't know how to play their instrument. Soft punk.
Those indie motherfuckers can't play for shit.
by Don Juan 3l33t May 09, 2005
indie is a name given at birth to preferably a girl. an Indie likes to be independent and gets angry when someone tries to help her. They are clever and intelligent, in other words a nerd. usually with dark hair and blue eyes and a very tall figure. Indies are thoughtful and caring, and tend to get upset when others feel upset. however, an Indie is sure to get too drunk at a party and kiss someone's boyfriend, bound to get in a lot of trouble with a lot of people.
person 1hey, have you seen the way that girl is drinking ? she must be on her fourth vodka !
person 2she must be an indie.
by silverlin December 30, 2014

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