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derived from the word 'individual' usualy reffering to an unsigned band or film, there is really no such thing as an 'indiekid' because indie is not a style but a genre of some sort of art music, film making etc. If you call yourself an indie kid then you are most likely a tryhard loser. Oh and if you own rayban sunglasses and/or a pair of docmartins, this does not make you indie infact quite the opposite. A real indie kid, if there was one would do their own thing dress truely different to everyone else and not get angry and write them letters of abuse if someone copied them. Oh and if you use im or shortened words i.e. wt, omg, devo etc. you are NOT indie and never will be.
Tryhardindiekid: omg I totes like found death cab for cutie before they were cool i was like the first one to listen to them and now everyones totes into them thanks to me I'M SO ANNOYED THEY'RE COPYING ME OMFG

Actualindiekid: Well I highly doubt you 'found them' seeing as they formed the band and unless you're personally friends with them I also highly doubt you were the first one to listen to them.

Tryhardindiekid: whatevs, lolz!
by CnefniursbfgMnfwiufbgFifbiswbH October 10, 2010

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