Someone who gives a gift and asks for it to be returned.

Based on the observation by European colonialists that native Americans would, by tradition, give a gift as a signal for something more significant in return. Interpreted negatively, leading the word "Indian" to mean false (e.g. Indian summer).
Girl in foyer: You gave me the necklace and now you want it back? You Indian giver!

Guy on porch: You know, the origin of the word "Indian giver" comes from ...

*Door slams*
by AbnormalBoy May 24, 2004
When someone gives an unwanteditem to a friend or being, and takes it back when you're sleeping or not at home
Dan: Hey guys, i don't want my son to trip and fall and hit his head, so you guys can have my chiminea.

Fred: So, when we move out you don't want it back?

Dan: No way man! ill even help make a mess by cutting wood in your garage and not clean it up!

Fred's roomates: where's the chiminea!?! Dan's an indian giver!!!
by noindiangiverhere May 13, 2009
The act of ejaculating on a girls face, and then immediately licking it off of her face, saying, "I'll get that"
Jack was fucking Jill missionary style when he pulled out and came on her face. Quickly, Jack said, I'll get that" and licked the come off of her face. Jill, looked to him and said "You indian giver!"
casino entertainment provider
an indian giver is the casino I lost at last night!
by LNSmith May 18, 2006
When a guy is fingering a girl while she is on her period. After he is done, he wipes the blood under his eyes in the way an indian would.
Dude, I did an indian giver last night!
by Gina Spitz October 31, 2007

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