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an amazing girl (: somebody you can always rely on. most cheries are usually stunning. guys are found throwing themselves at cherie. Emilys best friend. cherie is somebody that you could never compare to. a shooting star.
"woah thats amazing, its like cherie."

"that girl is pretty, must be called cherie or somethin"
by pemzlay ;) December 28, 2008
Probably one of the most nicest, beautiful, and classiest girls you will ever met. Derived from the french name "Darling" This girl is not to be underestimated, her beauty also comes with high intelligence. Cherie's tend to be very unique, not living to people's standards but instead making up her own style and trends. Her style tends to be very sexy, and all the guys crave her. She also has a thing about driving excessively fast but that is her adventurous side showing and loves her 2 cats and his Asian best friend.
Oh my gosh, She just pulled an Cherie while driving!

Oh my gosh, This girl looks like an Cherie!

I'm Cherie, I'm fabulous!
by aznlovescherie June 06, 2011
the most beutiful girl in the world, is hated by few but loved by many. especially by the person writeing this ;P uhm is very careing, knows how to make people happy when they are verry sad. can break hearts but fix them as well. i love her to death <3 :)
girl: omg i was so sad last night, but then got so happy

friend: what happend?

girl: cherie came over and fixed everything :D
by swaggster August 01, 2012
To completely destroy any hope of making a situation any better than it currently is. In fact.... It is almost certain that the situation will get worse just from being a part of it.
I just cheried the shit out of this account. I don't even recognize it anymore. What have I done?
by XxDELIVERANCExX February 24, 2015
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