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1. Here's the REAL definition of Indian Hill.

Indian Hill consists from upper-middle class (very rare) citizens to wealthy multi-millionaires. Now, there are some regular middle classmen who are live around Indian Hill (apartments), have their kids attend Indian Hill schools, etc but are not rich.

As someone said, there are no Native Americans in Indian Hill, but there are, believe it or not, quite a few Indians. Most, however, are Catholic, Jew, and Protestant Americans.

2. Place George Bush likes to visit in order to get money.
1. I live in Indian Hill, and although everyone thinks of me as a stuck-up brat, it is not my fault that my parents actually got good grades and scored high in the SAT's and got very significant high-paying jobs.

2. Hi, I'm George Bush. Please give me money, rich Indian Hill buddies, so I can use it on pointless wars like the War on Iraq! This time, I'm planning on going to Syria and capturing their army so we can force them south to Israel, and start the Apocalypse!!! I'm the Antichrist, by the way!
by OMG its me March 21, 2006
23 37
rich, stuck up little fucks with nothing better on their mind than to show off with some ice or bling bling
man, fuck those indian hill ghosts, fuck them up their hole punch
by tracey barker, t bark May 29, 2003
40 113