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An adjective referring to the state of disguising inconsiderate action as assertive; having false empowerment resulting in any action that fails to consider the rights of others and basic common sense.
person 1: I wanted to throw a good party at my apartment, so I put on some reggaeton, turned up the bass on my stereo until the walls shook and didn't turn it down until 4 am.

person 2: You must be very proud, that was very inconsiderive of you.

raver 1: I'm going to the center of the floor and swing my glowsticks around really fast so I will look cool as I dance.

raver 2: You will be the coolest inconsiderive candy raver here!

I think you’re inconsiderive because you show up late every time and say that people need to learn to wait for you.
#cellfish #feminazi #mac douche #narcisensitive #obnoxious #beartard
by sarcasm42 October 24, 2010
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