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when u embarrass the hell out of someone in a sport
you got somethin, right there, yeah in your eye
by jediduck July 31, 2003
doing something good in someones face...often used in sports...particularly in basketball when someone is all in your face guarding you really tight, and you drain a shot right in front of them.
John- "You got nothing on me!"

Billy - (Makes a shot)

Billy- "IN YOUR EYE!!!!)
by john88555 April 05, 2010
During a game of basketball, when a defender attempts to block a shot by jumping in the air but the shooter still makes it. Since the ball came up from the chest and was shot in the air, it therefore was "in your eyes," but was failed to be blocked. Generally from the three point line, and swished.
John attempts to block in midair, but Mark makes it anyways and says "In your eyes!"
by zachnnn April 19, 2007
when a man EJACULATES into the girls eye- perfect 10~~!!! its a goal- right in the eye
in your eye... bitch
by :-0~> June 02, 2003
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