Usually used since "Your Mom" became obsolete. Mostly used as a slam after losing a game or something like that.
Tim: "Dude, I just got owned in Halo."

Cameron: "Yeah you got owned. Owned in the face!"

Tim: "......"
by Kyle E. June 09, 2008
Top Definition
Something that people say when something happened that could be interpreted as perverted.

When you get hit with anything in your face and people need to emphasize it.
jack: "Ahhh man i got this stuff all over me
Steve:"In the face"

Bob: *punches guy in the face*
Bill: "in the face!!!!"
by wawowewa December 30, 2010
A brutal example of trashtalk in which whilst playing halo, you proceed to smack down, shoot, bitchslap, stick with a grenade, run over your opponent somewhere in the general region of the face. Also used primarily when one is sniping like a pussy. Used frequently in correlation with with the elbow
Mid Air Bitch! In the face, come back here so i can kill you again.

What now, rocket IN THE FACE

Tell your mother i said hello, IN THE FACE! (wait a tick...)
by AtilaTheNun October 31, 2003
A postfix used in conjunction with a statement, with intent to emphasise the magnitude of the statement.
"I hated that movie"
"Well I hated it IN THE FACE"


"How'd you go with your Robotics exam?"
"Awesome man, thanks for asking! Yeah I killed it alright... IN THE FACE!"
by davesyndrome July 10, 2008
1. Exclaimation to emphasize a point.

2. The location that is the face.
1. Man, you got beaten bad, In-the-Face!

2. She was ugly, ugly In-the-face.
by Ishbar December 18, 2004
used to compliment a smart remark or an unwarranted comment about somebody
Damn! She lookin' right wreckless in the face!
by liljesus February 18, 2008
Expression use to denote doing something to an extreme level.
Person 1: How much do you want to hit him / how much do you want to go out with her / how hard did you do it?

Person 2: In the face!
by paulos July 15, 2004
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