Relates to 2 different youtube videos.
1) "What What (in the butt)" by Samwell. Basically the song is about doing it in the butt (i.e. gay sex)

2) Youtube video where sister gets busted by mom for meeting a guy on myspace. Her brother videotapes the whole thing and puts it up online. She got the butt.
1) You wanna do it in my butt (in my butt)x 3
Lets do it in the butt
What What in the Butt
- Samwell lyrics

2) "That could have been a murderer. You could have been raped. In the butt"
by interwebphraser April 19, 2008
Top Definition
1.Ultimate sexist phrase you say to a woman to keep her in line.

2.The ultimate phrase to express dominance. Has no comeback.
"I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last boy on earth. You couldn't have none o' this if you tried."
"Bitch, I'll fuck you in the butt."

"Your misogynist behavior works to maintain gender difference and inequality. You're a sexist pig."
"Bitch, I'll fuck you in the butt."

"Haresh, even if you were the greatest Raja in all the land, even at the drop of a ruby, I would never be your wife."
"Say what you will, Nidhi, but if I desire, I fuck you in the butt."
by Hamabla Kanti December 01, 2004
It means...let me love you in a very special way. Let me love you with respect. Let me love you forever.
"Let me show you my love in the butt"
by CarmaTg November 24, 2007

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