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Flappy Bird.
Friend: nothing is impossible!
Me: have you TRIED playing flappy bird?!?!
by Plubbles the T-Rex February 03, 2014
1 2
A word that used to mean incapable of being done prior to February 22, 1980. The word no longer exists because of the 1980 USA hockey team.
The United States can't be the Soviet Union in hockey, that's impossible.
by Coach Herb Brooks May 20, 2013
0 2
Impossible d'aimer plus
Olivier ne peut pas aimer Sonya plus que Sonya l'aime... cest impossible.
by IMpossible Love May 29, 2012
1 3
The word to define somebody who is not possible to win with.
Tiago is very impossible.
by the lion September 25, 2006
14 16
Something that cannot be done.
Trying to nail a load of diarrhoea to the celing. Now that's impossible!
by Tom February 20, 2003
33 42
Unable to perform; omnipotent
"Me fail English, UnPossible!"
by Skanky Mc'Mally February 22, 2005
11 23
1. Something that physically cannot be done in a specific situation.

2. An extremely difficult skateboarding trick, hence the name.
1. It's impossible to make a banana milkshake when you have no bananas.

2. Aznsk8rboi777: Hey dude, have you ever done an impossible?
Expert skater: What are you talking about? That's impossible.
by Kenthar April 13, 2004
12 24