Unable to perform; omnipotent
"Me fail English, UnPossible!"
by Skanky Mc'Mally February 22, 2005
Although many people throw this word around, a lot of things this term has been used as are in fact possible.

Impossible means no matter who does the task or how it's done, the set goal cannot be reached.
Such as pulling a TV character through the TV into your living room.

The antonym possible means that the set goal is possible, most likely by numerous parties.

Most people say "That's impossible" without knowing all potential parties and possible ways to achieve the specific goal, and most likely the goal can be achieved, just not in ordinary terms.

A lot of people ignore clearly impossible things, such as killing yourself and expecting to be a martyr of some sort and getting rid of their problems in doing so, when it truth it creates a lot, it's insanely selfish, and who knows what happens when you die? Oh well this isn't religion talk
Rob: Hey Dave! Dude let's see if we can jump in front of cars on the high way!
Dave: No you're an idiot, you'll die for sure.
Rob: It's impossible to die!

Ryan: Dude it's impossible to finish all of this homework.
Mom: Just do it, you'll finish it.

Rick: That's so impossible to take a toaster and eat it without removing the parts
Dave: Actually it is impossible, good job.
by VillagerofRomeoville April 14, 2009
somthing that is can not accur
~example: it is IMPOSSIBLE for shannon to love kacey more then kacey loves her.
by critzU1101 May 11, 2009
Incapable of being done.
It is impossible to get Lord Stark to control tech raiding.
by KCToker July 10, 2008
Syd is so impossible.
by Syddd(: February 05, 2009
A word used so people can feel good about giving up.
Nothing is Impossible. Never give up.
Man shall never fly, Impossible.
Man will never walk on the moon, Impossible.
Everything that will be invented has been it is Impossible to go any further.
by Simon the Digger September 09, 2015

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