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Carries the exact same meaning as impossible, but sounds cooler and it only two syllables.
"Eat 3 doughnuts in 30 seconds, that's imposs!"
by wc October 06, 2004
marijuana laced with cocaine
lets go smoke this lupia
by wc November 01, 2004
Has taken many forms over the years, evolved from reebeetzute, which was slang for 3 piece suit, circa 1996.

Current uses include describing someone or something that is weird or undesirable.
The cole slaw from KFC last night was reebeetz. I had a stomach ache all morning.
by wc October 06, 2004
Eggs and milk cooked around bread. Similar to French Toast, but tastes better because it's American.
Fuck the French, eat Patriot Toast!
by WC September 16, 2004
Player's University, a place that's hella tight
"Man, girls, look at those muscles on WC!"
"I knooooww, does he go to P.U. or what?"
by WC September 15, 2004
Big Dogs, used as
1. an expression of jubilation
2. a greeting
3. an excuse
1. Cubs win!
2. Whats up killa?
3. Dude you just drank the last of the milk!
by WC September 15, 2004
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