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The act of having sexual intercourse with someone whom you dislike very much. This can be done to secretly disperse one's STD's into the partner, thus creating a lifetime of hatred, and self pity.

And the orgasm feels extra awesome too !!!
Susie: Hey Jen, what did u do last night? I had an amazing sexual experience with Jeff last night.

Jen: Well, Susie, it's funny you should ask. Because I also had sex with Jeff last night.

Susie: WAIT !!! Don't you have aids?

Jen: Why yes, Susie, I do indeed have aids. And have I ever mentioned that i hate you?

Susie: OMGAH !!!!....... *shoots herself in the head*

Jen: Once again the implorgasm takes a life.... LOL
by Bianca Delgandio May 28, 2007
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