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to both imagine and create something that is new. The new creation must be tangible though which is in fact the key point of this term.
Credit to Lyndon Barends who imagineered the term
the creation of a container in which lightning is stored (just an "off the cuff" idea but yet to create!)
in fact all inventions where imagineered :-)
by Cliff V Petersen January 09, 2009
title given to a Disney employee, specifically one that designs things for the parks.
A Disney Imagineer is always hard at work.
by DISNEYAWESOME May 17, 2010
Person who uses their imagination in whatever it is that they do.
They employed an imagineer to help them in thinking up some background story and personality to their characters.
by LadyBeta May 02, 2011
the ability mentally put together a design or idea,seeing it in its own reality
i looked at the bare patch of land and imagineered the house of my dreams built apon it
by serendipitous magnet February 27, 2015
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