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Imagining something that is so orgasmic that you orgasm.
I imagined James Westwell's face and had an imagigasm.
by Wonders Of The Bedroom December 26, 2011
1.seeing someone or thinking about someone that is so sexy u imagine doing sexual acts with them and it causes u to have an orgasm.

2. remembering past sexual experiences that were so great they caused u to have another orgasm.
1. girl #1: girl did u see trey songz at the vma's last night!?
girl #2: hell yea girl, looked so good i had an imagigasm!!!

2. guy #1: dawg remember i told u about that chick i fucked last week?? u know the one that made her ass clap while she rode me reverse..
guy #2: yea.. what about her?
guy #3: man i was thinkin about it last night, i had and imagigasm and jizzed all over myself!!!
by AllMe2009 March 08, 2009
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