I am going to...
Addict: Naw, man...I can't pay you the money.
Dealer: I'm-a pop a cap in your ass, beeyatch.
by Minstrel March 05, 2003
Nigguh speech, only to be used by "Nigguhs" and others who attempt to act as such.
Yo dawg, I'ma go shoot up the 7/11 wanna cum wid?
by Yammmmmmm November 28, 2010
Ima, a Word to explaine youre Going to, or i am
Danny: "hey, Ima submit a walrus to urban dictionary!"
Shannon: " Ima Submit one too!"

"Ima so cool, its unimaginable"

by MrDannehZorz April 28, 2010
an easy to use amalgamation of the words I, am , and gonna. can be used in almost any setting
ima go for a drive
ima drink some of that blue stuff
ima go listen to metal

ima go do some things, and then some stuff
by imasmackyou November 02, 2009
1. I am gonna ...

1. I am a...
Ima quit typing right now

Ima lazy ass

Ima italiano
by fruitbasket September 25, 2006
Conjunction of "I" and "am" (Easier to type and say than I'm or I am
Ima Go get the bread
by tbonehuber March 13, 2011
Im going to
Ima done shoot you in yo face white boy if you dont get up on outa herre!!
by The Thing August 22, 2003

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