An acronym for "I must admit".
That dress is beautiful, ima!
by landbeforetime June 18, 2011
Signifies "I am going to". A new wave craze popularized by Strong Bad, but with unknown origins. Field reporters place the extent of it's spread past Outer Mongolia.
If you say "Oregone" one more time, I'ma karate chop you in the face!!!"
by stevie September 19, 2003
short for "I'm going to"
I'ma get my ass out of here before that bitch starts screaming.
by Dawn June 15, 2002
Contraction of "I'm gonna," itself a contraction of "I am going to." A common element in Ebonics dialogue.
"You just watch me girl, 'cause I'ma bounce dat nigga right out da do'!"
by Carl Willis October 30, 2005
I am going to...
Addict: Naw, man...I can't pay you the money.
Dealer: I'm-a pop a cap in your ass, beeyatch.
by Minstrel March 05, 2003
Conjunction of "I" and "am" (Easier to type and say than I'm or I am
Ima Go get the bread
by tbonehuber March 13, 2011

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