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A secret order amongst many college campuses that film pornography with incoming frosh and sorority pledges!

However this pornography is not for sale or redistribution but is simply archived.
OMG I heard Paige got tapped by the illumi-naughty!?
by June 08, 2009
also known as "Triangle of Love," a form of 3-way sexual intercourse involving a man laying down flat, with one woman sitting on his face and another sitting on his penis. The two parties on top kiss, forming a triangle of love.
"Bro, those two babes last night gave me a triangle of love that was so good it felt evil. It was illuminaughty"
by LordGarmadon87 August 15, 2014
A group of emotionally immature, narcissistic closet cases who act out on drugs and think their childish preoccupation with sex is the expression of a highly evolved intellect.
I went to an Illuminaughty party and got rimmed by a screaming queen on G.
by observer5 July 16, 2008
A word used to describe a cackle of self indulgent, narcissistic, rave whores, who cannot seem to function socially without ingesting massive amounts of drugs. People who are obsessed with furry bungholes.
I went to an illuminaughty party last week, got totally fucked up on G, E, LSD, K, and foxy, then fucked a goat in the ass!
by Furry Bunghole Man March 04, 2004
da p.o.'d dude with the screename mentioned in the above definition who would like to know who wrote that stuff because "somebody" didn't have the cojones to man up to writing stuff about me up there.
ILLuMiNAUGHTY is pissed that somebody's talking shit online... whoever this shit talking asshole is.
by ILLuMiNAUGHTY April 03, 2006
This word is often used to describe a particular badass, who thought everyone should know how cool his online screen tag was. Also, the guy talking about Ravewhores could be right.. who knows?
Its teh Illuminaughty!11!one
by Illuminaughty!! OMG!! August 16, 2004
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