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The greatest 40 minutes in Hip-Hop history.
"...I sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket linin"
by Azurebaijan April 12, 2004
2354 211
Nas' classic debut album. Considered by many to be his best.
What the hell? These are the worst definition for Illmatic I've ever seen!
by Johnny Johnothan August 15, 2006
950 148
1. Beyond ill
2. The ultimate
3. Half-man, half- amazing
4. The best hip-hop/rap album of all time
Illmatic is illmatic.
by Zach Dubya January 12, 2008
839 155
The greastest hip-hop album ever realeased from the greastest hip-hop rapper ever. He has the sickest, the illest, the best lyrically rap you could ever be blessed to listen to.

John- Aye have you heard of the Nas album Illmatic?
Bob- Hell yeah hes the best rapper i ever heard and thats the best Album i ever heard and it will go down for centuries.
by 2o6 homeboi June 13, 2007
683 133
A word used to describe something sicker then ill, used to replace ill or nasty in the sentence. When used properly word is an adjective. also a Nas album
Yo Dylan your rhymes are illmatic

Thats illmatic nigga

1:"ayo were nasty"
2:"better then nasty, illmatic"
257 110
Illmatic means it's as ill as it gets

Illmatic is also the name of Nas' debut album 'First off what does the word “Illmatic” mean? Can you break that down?'

Nas: 'Illmatic is supreme ill. It’s as ill as ill gets. That shit is a science of everything ill.'
by MK47 March 06, 2009
167 48
Ill- meaning cool, awsome, perfection
Matic- meaning classic, old school right way of doing things

Illmatic- old school classic perfection

Nas used it as his first album name... it definetly was HIP HOPS Old School Perfection
yo remember the movie scarface, now that was illmatic.

sega genisis was illmatic
by merhawigggggggg February 08, 2009
138 39