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Ikaruga is one of the best arcade shooters of all time. It was an arcade game at a time, then it was re-released on the DC with better graphics and such, and now its on the GC with even more features. Ikaruga goes to show you that arcade shooters still have a placei n the current gaming world. The gameplay, concept, graphics, action.... All kick ass.
Its too bad biased dickheads like Sony Roolz cant respect what a great game Ikaruga is.
by Xenomorph May 25, 2004
One of the greatest games ever. It is a verticle scrolling shmup where you can change between 2 colors and absorb shots that are the same color as you. Very hard and great, I would have to say it's a work of art.
Ikaruga is much better than your final fantasy crap.
by Supez May 22, 2004
A Japanese Space Shooter for the Sega Dreamcast and Gamecube. Very underrated and underadvertised.
I was playing Ikaruga, the best space shooter since Galaga.
by Brad June 09, 2003
A shooter that is a maze of bullets, sometimes within a maze of walls. The game is mostly memorization and has a very vocal fanbase. It is one of the most overrated games of all time.
Ikaruga is crap.
by Bobby mcbobbingson July 15, 2008
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