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I get you, reply to ygm
I'm going out with her again tonight, ygm?

Yeah, igy.
by mynameisnotbeingusedbysomeone September 01, 2008
Igy (pronounciation iggy)

I- I
G- Get
Y- You

reply to ygm or when agreeing with someone.

Man 1: I swear down that girls a proper slag yhu knoe, she's always beggin' for some. Absolute Jezzy you get me (ygm).

Man 2: igy (iggy) fam proper jez.


Man 1: We're fuckin roadmen

Man 2: iggy man.
by S.N.M August 19, 2011

Ridiculous, unintelligent, dull or irresponsible.

From the word ignorant. It is an alternative for stupid. It is the act or quality of being ridiculous, unintelligent, dull or irresponsible. It was coined at the University of Oregon as a non-ableist alternative for offensive and oppressive words such as stupid, dumb, retarded and lame.
Don't be igy man, that's a ridic idea.

No one is at this party, it's so igy.
by daedalus_9 April 28, 2011
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