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An abbreviation for "I got it." Usually meaning that someone understands a joke. Mainly used in internet chats.
Bob: for some reason i can "knot" tie this knot! :)
Bob: get it?? :)

You: yeah, igi
by Igi999 March 04, 2010
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in online games it mean

i'm going in.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
A suffix that means "badass motherfucker"
hey my name is Willigis.
by WILLIGIS May 13, 2008
1)Someone who is not very good-looking and managed to get all the chicks.
2)Someone who is bald.
3)Someone worst than a retarded person.
Jack, stop being an igi!

Tim, for you looks, you managed to get all the hot chicks, what an igi.

Look at that igi over that corner.
by Jolie-san September 08, 2008

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