A person who is both stupid AND an asshole.
Firefighter One: Check out the Porsche parked in front of the fire hydrant!
Firefighter Two: Yeah, what an ignoranus! Get the axe.
by Pipe321 November 23, 2009
a person who is both stupid and an asshole
I can't stand that Byron; he's such an ignoranus.
by Pretty Little Bambi August 22, 2008
A person who's both stupid and a total asshole.
You're an ignoranus. Accept it. Asshole. Stupid. Jerk.
by [GM]Eagle July 10, 2008
A person who is a stupid asshole
That guy is a real ignoranus.
by David C. Banks May 21, 2008
1 as used in one of Marshall Mathers III's (Eminem's) songs,meaning ignorant Ass/ignorant anus.
2 someone who knows little about something but acts like he/she knows everything about it.
Slim:Do you know anything about my songs?

Stan:Yes, I know everything but Jim doesn't.

Jim: Yes I do. I know that you did 'Til I collapse wth Snoop Dogg ,and I know you did sing for the moment with Aerohead,and I know you did Stan with Dildo.

Stan:It's 'Til I collapse by Nate Dogg,sing for the moment with Aerosmith and,Stan with Dido.

Slim:F**k off ya ignoranus
by Giovanni Mann November 29, 2007
An idiot and an asshole combined in one person.
Our so called leaders are nothing but a bunch of ignoranuses!
by Klaus Santa November 15, 2007
a motherfucker thats so ignorant and naive that the only explanation is that they have a dick jammed up their anus all the time and thats why they cant function like a normal human.

a person that cannot be told they are wrong even if what they said has no substance to support their statement, so all their friends just agree with them inorder to avoid a ignoranus discussion.

pronounced: Igner-anus
Ignoranus: "you know weed kills people, right?"
normal dude: "mmmmmk"

Ignoranus: "gay marriage kills healthy families"
normal dude: "right, that makes total sense"

Igneoranus: "rape should be legal"
normal dude: "you know now that i think about it ur right....................you fuckin ignoranus"
Ignoranus: "I AM right you just dont have the mental capacity to comprehend my intellect"
normal dude: "clearly"
by jimmybil July 22, 2014

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