Simply, a {Dumbass} of extravagant proportions.
Many of the definitions posted under this category have been posted, in fact, by an ignoranus.
by Terremoto September 07, 2006
Someone who is both ignorant, and an arsehole. An unpleasant uneducated fellow. A dimwit who no-one likes. A friendless, feckless idiot.
By ending the Dock and Sprocket's pub quiz team's 100-run winning streak at the regional finals, unpopular newcomer Barrington had proven himself to be a real ignoranus.
by The Brown Piper May 30, 2007
Someone who is ignorant because he has his head stuck up his ass.
George is such an ignoranus - he doesn't know what is going on around him because all he thinks about is himself.
by Research_Joe October 01, 2013
A person who is ignorant as well as an asshole.
Gordon Campbell is a total ignoranus!
by nerdsanctuary February 04, 2010
An ignorant homosexual. Anus is at the end because...well, you know.
Tyler is an ignoranus because he goes around assuming random men are gay. He also makes loud shrieking noises when watching the Ellen Degeneres show.
by Ben S. MN February 02, 2010
Stupid Asshole

This is the word that I use to describe anyone who is stupid and acting like an asshole. For many years I used it to describe my ex-husband to people.
" He's not just a jerk, he's an ignoranus"
by Lynn Holroyd February 21, 2008
Someone who is really ignorant and a complete asshole.
Oh my god, shut up you ignoranus!
by mtothaunit December 24, 2007

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