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An interolably obnoxious ignoramus with no shame about the situation
That dildohead absolutely disgusts me.
by Bleh November 23, 2002
One who is extremely stupid, has no common sense and is a complete and utter retard, or your name is Brandon Erickson.
Oh my God dude, your such a Dildohead.
by eatmydick6969 November 25, 2009
A female individual who holds their cellphone to their heads. (Related to dickhead; see dickhead)
"That dildohead is trying to drive and talk on her dildo at the same time."
"She is such a dildohead that she has to talk to her husband on her dildo the moment she gets into the store."
by Darjamvan October 13, 2008
one whom has a dildo situated on his/her forehead
mate you are the massivest dildohead
by Andrea Fiorentino December 12, 2005
(n) A person whos head looks like a dildo.
Man, you are a fucking dildo head.
by WHAT February 13, 2005
Someone who has an Head(along with the haircut) shaped like a dildo/Penis
Anyone with a Wedge hairstyle or a really short cut side and long on top
by kipwar March 11, 2004