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A low-class black person in need of a dictionary.
Mayne, dat ignant-ass nigga need a damn dictionury!
by ItalianBacon June 30, 2010
How black people say "ignorant".
DeShawn: "Damn son you ignant".
Desteven: "Nahh boy, you ignant".
by Basic Behemoth November 03, 2008
slang for ignorant
easyeditor is ignant and he doesn't know what he is talking about...
by haha June 19, 2003
A word used to replace the word ignorant. This word is usually used by ignorant people in the first place. You are not cool if you use this word.
Yo, that's strait up ignant, dawg!
by Garrett Matthews November 26, 2007
Adjective used to describe someone who is especially ignorant, i.e. when simply saying that a particular person is ignorant won't fully convey just how ignorant they are.
"You ignant mothafucka"
by anonymous February 23, 2005
definitions derived by average everyday people for purposes of filling the URBAN DICTIONARY.
These definitions are ignant.
by Bada Shahdank December 03, 2007
1: (neg.) dramatically excessive
2: displaying truely unneeded & unwanted "personality" or "opinion" without tact,so wrong and/or embarassing it's no longer humorous only suprisingly shameful.
1: That hoe's spray-tan is so ignant, she looks like a dried up Oompa Loompa.

2: "Who was that HOT guy you were talking to?"
"You dated him for 3 years..."
"Really? I must've forgot or something"
"SO... ignant..."
by fuh_q June 22, 2007