]ignant], adj.
1. when you know you wrong
2. a term used to describe an action that, despite one's apparent ability to make better decision, defies accepted standards of behavior
1. " I know that ignant 'ho did not just rub up on my man."
2. "Why was that ignant youngsta rollin his blunt in the back of the bus?
by angela/caprice December 28, 2004
The ignorant way of saying ignorant. Misspelling it purposely shows the added ignorance and irony.
I'd rather buy 80 gold chains and go ignant.
by 50shadesofgrayson February 09, 2015
An abbreviated form of the word "ignorant"

1. Lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignant or ignorant man.

2. Lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignant of quantum physics

3. Uninformed; unaware

4. Due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignant statement
1. He is very ignant out of class based off of his lack of "street" smarts

2. Ignant of the truths that lie withen every human being, looked outward- pushed ever outward
by singapore james October 19, 2013
When one is ignorant, underdeveloped cognition and/or just plain mean.
Person 1: Hey, Jane lost weight, she must be on drugs, she must not have any teeth.

Person 2: No ignant, Jane works out everyday and watches what she eats! She has a beautiful smile with perfect teeth to match (ALL HER TEETH), you are such a hater.
by ReallyAnnoying March 04, 2013
an ignant is an article of clothing, while one is wearing said ignant: they will look steezy as hell. ignants are usually excessively long (about 3 sizes too big) and for proper usage, should go to ones knees. ignant also describes how one can dress to go skiing, baggy as hell and at least 3xl.

special thanks to pete drago
Kangbang- geez i cant wait for my new ignant to come mom!!

Kangbangs Mom- yes marcus now go to the deck with your ignant new ignant and some steezy pants

Kangbang- ok, but mom should i hold my hands like a bird flapping??

MOM- yes son just dont flap as hard as you did when the saga came
by theinfiniteyouth_24 December 14, 2010
A secretly coded term used to order a large family size of FRIED CHICKEN that includes a fro pick or hair net.
1) fried chicken
2) Ignint
ex) hey bruh lemme get 5 ignants and finna gimme gallon Graaaaaaaaaaape drink.
by Selphius January 08, 2009
it's like "ignorant", but cooler.
John, don't be so ignant. JQuery is the next big thing. And learning MySQL is its own reward.
by ignantmofo August 20, 2010

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