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1 definition by theinfiniteyouth_24

an ignant is an article of clothing, while one is wearing said ignant: they will look steezy as hell. ignants are usually excessively long (about 3 sizes too big) and for proper usage, should go to ones knees. ignant also describes how one can dress to go skiing, baggy as hell and at least 3xl.

special thanks to pete drago
Kangbang- geez i cant wait for my new ignant to come mom!!

Kangbangs Mom- yes marcus now go to the deck with your ignant new ignant and some steezy pants

Kangbang- ok, but mom should i hold my hands like a bird flapping??

MOM- yes son just dont flap as hard as you did when the saga came
by theinfiniteyouth_24 December 14, 2010