1: (neg.) dramatically excessive
2: displaying truely unneeded & unwanted "personality" or "opinion" without tact,so wrong and/or embarassing it's no longer humorous only suprisingly shameful.
1: That hoe's spray-tan is so ignant, she looks like a dried up Oompa Loompa.

2: "Who was that HOT guy you were talking to?"
"You dated him for 3 years..."
"Really? I must've forgot or something"
"SO... ignant..."
by fuh_q June 22, 2007
the way black people like to say ignorant because that is the only intelligent word that they can ATTEMPT to pronounce
bo'queefa'neesha: "man, why you be so ignant"
nancy: "well you are a fool young man. educate yourself"
by chode'eesha'lisha'monet April 04, 2009
Getting really fucking drunk
damn Brian got so ignant last night that he pissed his pants
by Dymos April 16, 2007
A) slang for ignorant
B) it means ignant you jackass
C) adj. See Ken.
Ken is fucking ignant.
by Devo March 17, 2004
It is an abbreviation of the word ignorant.
"Let's get ignant, let's get hectic" -Black Eyed Peas lyrics
by Icynow22 December 13, 2004
slang term meaning ignorant
Blair: Get me a drink
Kevin: No do it yourself!
Blair: Your so ignant(trying to hurt Kevin)
Kevin: It was so worth it...
by kevi kevi May 31, 2005

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