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children with magical powers that have been brought up by fairies and gnomes.
I want to be a malekin!
by saffron February 09, 2004
The only adult allowed to enter fairy land. He had tons and tons of pumpking mermelade and got inside the world of fairies, gnomes and onush.
olas fielung speaks the fairy language.
by saffron February 09, 2004
a girt that lives in the secret gardens of Bunfumi. She loves to eat raspberry tarts and chocolate beans soup.
Popykettle loves to dance and eats tons and tons of cherry pies.
by SAFFRON February 09, 2004
the little and hidden bush of sweet frampears that you will never see if you stay awake.
there is a beautiful frambosh in the secret garden.
by saffron February 09, 2004
a magical and extraordinary creature that exists only in fairy land. They eat pumpkins and mermelade and play after tea time with lions and fairies and gnomes.
Look! there is schibo on that flower!
by saffron February 09, 2004
A secret garden in the north of Spain, where Igbo, a beautiful and magical flower, grows.
Olas Fielung is the only human that has visited the gardens of Bunfumi.
by saffron February 09, 2004
a fantastic and magical creature from the north of Spain. It has the wings of a fairy and the smile of a hippopotamus. Onush eat aubergines and mermelade.
Have you ever seen an Onush?
by saffron February 09, 2004
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