Commonly used as internet slang, short form for:

I don't like it/I dislike it.
GIRL ONE: ZOMG! I love the new The Academy Is... album.
GIRL TWO: Nahh idli.
by emogenre October 04, 2007
A south Indian meal by itself. The idlli is one of the healthiest foods you'll ever find around. created by the stupid tamilians (tamil nadu folk) and made awesome by the kannadigas (awesome karnataka dudes).

It essentially consists of fermented rice batter that is fermented for about 12 hours and then steamed and served either with a curry (SAMBAR) and/or chutney (coconut sauce).
usually served with "vada"

average price anywhere in india (for one) = 5 rupees (about 12 cents)

on the other hand. in any 5-star restaurant it is served under the name:
" steamed rice dumplings served with coconut sauce"
oh and gay-lord high prices.

which frankly tastes like crap.

Road side food = God-like epic-max.
guy 1: dude. I got the munchies.

guy 2: lets eat idlies.

**20 minutes and 25 idlies later**

guy 1: alfa-killer shit. Bitch. **satisfied stoned expression**
by Shatbag March 09, 2011

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